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Frequently Asked Questions

·       Do I need an appointment to try on wedding gowns?

Yes. Our Bridal consultants prefer to work one on one with our brides to have fitting rooms available for you and your guests and so bridal appointments are required. However, we will do our best to accommodate walk-in customers when possible.  Walk-ins are welcome Appointments are adored!

·       How long is my appointment?

Bridal appointments generally last 1 - 1 1/2 hours.

·       What should I bring to my appointment?

Bring pictures of dresses that you’ve seen. This will help your consultant understand what kind of look you’re envisioning. And be sure to bring an open mind – you may surprise yourself at what gowns you end up falling in love with. We will provide you with a strapless bra if you do not have one of your own. We also provide hoopskirts or slips available to use during your appointment. Wearing underwear is a must.

·       Who should I bring to my appointment?

We suggest bringing only 1-2 close friends or family members who know you the best and whose opinions you value. Bringing more than 4 guests can take the focus off of you. And children get bored easily.

·       What is a boutique style store?

In order to offer our customers the most diverse selection possible, Affinity Bridals operates as a boutique style store which means we feature a wide variety of gowns but typically only stock one size of each dress.  When you find the perfect gown we will then special order the dress for you in your desired size and color.

·       I am plus size. Do you have gowns I can try on in my size?

Yes.  We have over 100 gowns in our store size 18 and over. Our dresses range from size 0 through 42 and we can special order custom sized gowns over size 42from specific designers as well with our custom sizing options.

·       May I take pictures at my appointment?

Yes.  This is one of those scrapbook moments. Once you’ve found the perfect dress we do allow you to take photos to capture the moment if you desire.  However, we don’t recommend relying totally on photos to help make your gown decision.  Non-professional photos can make even the best dress look unflattering.  It’s best to decide on the dress while you’re trying it on.

·       Do I need to make an appointment to look at accessories?

No.  Appointments are not required to shop for accessories.  However, an appointment is required if you would like to try your wedding gown on while choosing your accessories (strongly recommended).

·       How far in advance should I order?

We recommend ordering your bridal gown at least 6 to 9 months before your wedding date.  Since our gowns are made upon request, special orders can take up to 6 to 10 months to arrive and you’ll want to leave plenty of time to allow for alterations. We do however have some designers that can get you a gown in less tile if they have in stock.

We recommend ordering bridesmaid's and mother's gowns at least 4 to 6 months before the wedding as they can take up to 14 to 20 weeks to arrive.

·       My wedding is over a year away, what is the advantage of ordering my gown so far in advance?

Aside from bridal designers needing significant time to deliver your gown, ordering your gown well in advance will give you the peace of mind knowing that a major decision is taken care of.  Since your bridal gown helps set the tone of your wedding, finalizing your dress choice will also help make the rest of your planning decisions easier.  In addition, designers periodically discontinue dresses, often without much notice, meaning your gown may no longer be available if you wait too long to order.

·       My wedding is in less than 4 months – is it too late to get a gown?

No, it’s not too late, but every second counts!  All of our gowns are available to be purchased off the rack, and for an additional fee, certain gowns may be able to be “rush ordered.”  Your consultant will help determine which options best fit your needs. We do however have some designers with limited style selection that can get you a gown in less time.

·       How do I make a decision on my wedding gown when my mother/sister/best friend cannot be at the appointment?

If you are certain you want your gown, but you just need a second opinion, it is better to work with an experienced sales consultant who is able to be objective. Our sales consultants are extremely patient and knowledgeable, and never let you walk out of the salon without the perfect gown. 

·       Why is it a bad idea to buy a dress online?

Shopping online makes sense for some items but your wedding gown and bridesmaids’ dresses are not one of them. We’ve heard from countless girls who thought they were getting a great deal shopping online just to have their weddings ruined when their gowns either did not arrive on time for the wedding or were cheap knock-offs of the designs they thought they were purchasing. When you purchase your wedding gown at a full-service bridal salon, you’re buying much more than a gown – you’re buying peace of mind and expert service.   Reputable bridal salons such as Affinity Bridals, stand behind their products and will do everything in their power to make sure your wedding is just as you dreamed. Don’t be one of the Brides who come see us in tears.

·       When should I start shopping for my bridesmaids and will I need an appointment?

We suggest ordering you bridesmaids’ gowns at least 6 months prior to your wedding date since most bridesmaids’ orders can take up to 4 months to arrive.  Appointments are not necessary to browse our bridesmaids’ gowns, but if you would like to bring a group of your bridesmaids in we do suggest making an appointment so we can make sure to have a consultant available for you.

·       My bridesmaids live in another part of the country. What do I do?

Once you have made your selection and completed your bridesmaids’ roster, your bridesmaids will simply need to visit a bridal salon or seamstress near them to have their basic measurements taken; this is something any reputable salon will be willing to do free of charge. We will then assist each bridesmaid in choosing the proper size based on their measurements and can process their orders over the phone.

·       When should I expect to receive my gown?

Your bridal gown will typically arrive at Affinity Bridals 3 to 6 months months after ordering (gowns with custom changes or hollow-to-hem measurements may take longer). Upon receiving the gown from the designer we steam and inspect the dress and will contact you via phone as soon as your gown is ready.  At this time you schedule an appointment to try on your dress and make arrangements to take care of any balance owed on your gown.  If you desire, we can store your bridal gown free of charge until your wedding date.

·       What is the price range for your gowns?

Our bridal gowns typically range in price from $350-$3000 and our bridesmaid’s dresses range from $99-$269.

·       When I order my gown do I need to pay for it all up front?

We do require payment if full at time of purchase. However if needed we do have different payment plans and financing available for you if you need them this is a plan made per bride. 

·       How do alterations work?

See the alterations section below.

·       Can I bring my bridal gown to you after the wedding for cleaning and preservation? (Even if I didn't buy it here?)

Absolutely!  We offer cleaning and preservation service for bridal gowns at a discounted rate for our customers.  Simply bring your gown back to Affinity Bridals and you can get any of 3 accessories done with your gown for free.

·       What about Prom Dresses, when should I start shopping for my Prom Dress?

·       The earlier the better!  We receive hundreds of prom gowns as early as November, and so the earlier you shop, the better the selection. December through February get you the best selection.

·       Will you sell my same dress to anyone else going to my prom?

No.  We register all of our gowns and won’t sell the same dress in the same color to anyone else at your school.

·       What is the price range of your prom gowns?

Our gowns typically range in price from $229-$650 with most gowns in the $289-$450 range.  We also feature a selection of dresses for $199 and under.

·       Can you match my date’s tux colors to my dress?

Yes.  Since we also offer tuxedo rental we can match your date’s tux to your prom dress perfectly.  Plus, we offer the area’s best selection of vest and tie colors with different Tuxedo companies to work with.

·       How do alterations work?

See the alterations section below.



·       How do alterations work?

Formal gowns come in stock sizes from standardized size charts only and are designed to be tailored with alterations to your figure for a perfect fit.  Alterations should be expected for the majority of gowns (the most common alterations include hemming, adjusting straps, and taking in the bodice).  If your gown does not fit perfect with standardized size charts of the companies, our skilled team of fitters and seamstresses can alter or customize any gown and make it truly yours.

·       When should I schedule my first fitting?

We suggest starting your alterations about 2-3 months before your wear date for bridal gowns and at about 4-6 weeks before your wear date for all other dresses.

·       What should I bring to my first fitting?

You will need to bring the shoes and undergarments that you will be wearing with your gown to all your fittings.  At Affinity Bridals we carry a full line of Spanx like body shapers, crinolines, long-line bras, and shoes.

·       How many fittings will I need?

Usually alterations will require 2-3 fittings (if more elaborate alterations are requested additional fittings may be necessary).

·       Are alterations included in the price of the gowns?

No.  Alterations are not included in the price of our gowns. 

·       What do alterations cost?

Each person will need different types of alterations. You are only charged for what you need done. There is no minimum charge. Each alteration has their own prices, and alteration costs will vary based on the extent of alterations needed.  You will have a price quote before you begin alterations with our seamstress. Even if you have to have rush alterations done your alterations will always be done before your event.


·       Do you rent or sell tuxedos?

Our main focus is tuxedo rental, however we also do tuxedo and suits to purchase as well.

·       My groomsmen live in another part of the State/Country. What do I do?

Once you have made your style selections and filled out a tuxedo order form at Affinity Bridals, your groomsmen can then go to a tuxedo retailer, near them and have their measurements taken. This is common courtesy in the industry and most retailers will do this at no charge. Then your guys can then email/mail or call them in to us. We can also process their order over the phone with a credit card. 

·       When will my tuxedo be ready for pickup?

We can have your tuxedo shipped directly to you for a convenience charge with returns coming to us after the event. Your tuxedos will be here the week of the wedding. We will call you as soon as they come in  As soon as your tux arrives you should come into the store for your final fitting to insure that everything fits properly.

·       When do the tuxedos need to be returned?

All tuxedos rentals must be returned by Tuesday at 10:00 am as the Tux company requires they are shipped back at that time to be able to ready them to ship to other customers.  Items not returned that morning may incur a $50 per day late fee.

·       Do you have tuxedos in stock?

No.  Like most tux stores we do not stock our own tuxedos.  Rather we partner with the country’s largest and most prestigious tuxedo companies.  This allows us to offer you the most diverse selection of tuxes and colors of vest accessories available at the best prices.

General Questions

·       What are your store hours?

·       Tuesday      10am to 6pm

·       Wednesday 10am to 6pm

·       Thursday    10am to 6pm

·       Friday         10am to 6pm

·       Saturday     10am to 5pm

·       CLOSED Sunday-Monday

·       OPEN SUNDAYS FOR PROM January 15 to May 1


·       Where do I park at Affinity Bridals?

Free parking is available along the street in front of the building all around The Square parking lanes. A Free City Parking Lot is available directly behind the store for times when special events close The Square.


·       Will you ship my gown out of state for me? Out of the country?

Not a problem. We can ship a dress anywhere you’d like. Shipping fees apply and a special shipping quote will be required to ship outside of the continental U.S.


·       What is a rush order?

If your wedding date is sooner than the time that designers typically need to have a special-order gown made, we’ll need to consult with the designer and place a “rush” order if available. A “rush” order means that the production of your gown will be expedited and will arrive several weeks faster than a normal order.  Not all designers offer “rush” orders and during certain times of year “rush” orders may not be available. Additional fees will apply.

·       What is your return policy?

Due to the special nature of the formal wear industry there are no returns, refunds, exchanges or credits. All items are a considered a final sale including items on payment plans and special orders. This is our policy in our retail store. This is the industry standard

·       Can I check stock over the phone?

Because our inventory moves so quickly we are unable to tell you accurately if a certain dress is in stock. You will not know until you place the order or come into the store.

·       How do I pay for my gown/what kinds of payments to you accept?

Green paper, dead presidents always works but we accept good checks with proper ID and most major credit cards as well. We ask that you pay in full at the time of ordering. With administration’s authorization we do accept payment with monthly payments to be made so you have the gown paid for by the time we it arrives.

Any other questions please call us at


We will be happy to assist you.