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 Why It Is Best To Buy Your  Wedding Gown 


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Your local brick and mortar Bridal Shop is there to Serve You with Personal Customer Service.  You talk to and deal with real people.  They will call you back and Support You for all your wedding needs. 

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    "How to buy a wedding dress


   a wedding "mess."

             Counterfeit Crisis! 

   Don't get caught up in the trap!


        Bargain Buyers Beware!

More and more brides are buying two dresses for their wedding, but unfortunately some of these brides aren't buying a second dress for the reception.

They're buying an emergency replacement gown for the low quality designer knock-offs they purchased online from unauthorized Chinese manufacturers

 that looks nothing like the gown they wanted .  While the low price may be tempting, you could wind up spending more on a second dress to replace the original.


                                   IT USUALLY ISN'T! 


                                     So shop carefully!


    Check out Good Morning America's investigation of Chinese knock-off dresses. Always check the designer's website for authorized retailers.


     Why Designers Say

     DON'T Buy Online!

.If you find a price on the internet that seems 

too good to be true, 

then it probably is!

Don't fall prey to a scam and lose your money.

Remember to use caution when buying gowns online. If a store is not listed on our site as an authorized retailer, then you  can not be certain of the guarantee of quality and authenticity of the gown. Only  certified retailers can guarantee the quality and fit of an authentic Designed Bridal Gowns.